Why Buy LED Lighting from La Magic Lighting?
  1) We offer the longest warranties on LED bulbs in the business, 3 years. You will NOT find a better warranty from anyone!

2) All of our LED bulbs are made with the finest materials and LED Chips, incorporating CREE, Nichia, ETC. and are all ROHS and CE Compliant. Our LED products don't cut corners.  You may find similar looking and performing bulbs elsewhere for less money, but they will NOT deliver the same quality, and you will get a 1 year warranty, if that.

2) ALL of our LED Bulbs are outdoor rated, making them GREAT for landscape lighting projects. Imagine using only 50-75 watts over 8 hours per night instead of 500-800 watts per night over 8 hours? 

3) LED Lights pay for themselves in x ways. (1) They cut your lighting electrical usage down by about 90%, (2) With an average bulb life of nearly 60,000 hours, versus 1,000-3,000 hours for a typical incandescant/halogen bulb (and even the 8,000-12,000 hours you get from the less efficient CFL bulbs you always see advertized), you never have to worry about changing your bulbs! (4)  Given their average lifespan of 10 years, you save time (and money if paying a contractor) not having to worry about relamping all the time.

4) You help stay "Green", saving the planet with less energy usage. Also, LED Bulbs contain NO MERCURY or other environmentally hazardous chemicals, such as CFL bulbs (which contain dangerous and deadly Mercury), and can be disposed of normally (many years later of course), and not brought to a special recycling center.

5) All of our 12 volt LED bulbs are fully dimmable with a standard low voltage magnetic dimmer.